Geena Davis looks to the future as ‘A League of Their Own’ turns 30

In fact, she’s built a research empire of sorts through her Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media and founded a film festival that both aim to empower underrepresented voices in Hollywood. But on this day, beaming in via Zoom from Arkansas, Davis is mum, even when implored to end a 30-year debate among “A … Read more

Housing cools but the shortage persists

The US Census Bureau reported that new residential housing units started at an annual rate of 1,549 million in May, a whopping 14.4% decline from April and 3.5% below the rate of starts in May 2021. The sudden cooling off was attributed to both rapid price appreciation and a sharp spike in mortgage rates moving … Read more

COVID-clingers still want Broadwaygoers to go through Rikers-like procedures

Earlier this year, I described the nightmare that audiences are being put through on Broadway. In the name of protecting the cast and other audience members, paying members of the public are put through Rikers Island-like procedures. We get shouted at on the way through the doors, ordered into lines, vaccine and identification papers rudely … Read more

Audiences are weary of Hollywood wokeness

Hollywood was founded by, and for generations run by, pure showmen who were fanatically devoted to giving the audience what it wanted. Today Hollywood’s message is, “Let us entertain you! But first, a brief lecture on what’s wrong with you, the audience. . .” Artists and entertainment corporations have always been desperate to be taken … Read more

Iron Chef, Power Suits, The Rise of Queer Chefs

This Kristen Kish interview contains very minor spoilers for Iron Chef: Search for an Iron Legend In my home, when Kristen Kish appears on TV, it’s like Christmas morning. We never know when it’s going to happen. Maybe she’ll show up and judge an episode of Top Chef, which she famously won in 2012. Maybe … Read more

Focus on recession: next week is all about this level for gold price – analysts

(Kitco News) Signs of peak inflation and slower growth are reviving risk-on sentiment in the marketplace. And that comes with hopes that the Federal Reserve might not need to tighten as much as previously thought. But for gold, that has translated into more sideways trading as it nears a key $1,800 an ounce level. Investors … Read more

Rupert Murdoch splits from Jerry Hall as theory emerges he disapproved of her smoking

A theory has emerged that Rupert Murdoch ended his six-year marriage to model Jerry Hall because he disapproved of his fourth wife’s smoking habit. The media tycoon was not a fan of his model wife’s fondness for tobacco and would often be spotted standing at a distance as Ms Hall took a drag on a … Read more

This 44-year-old SF Italian eatery will close within days

Since 1978, Villa D’Este, a family-run Italian restaurant on Ocean Avenue, known for its heaping piles of creamy fettuccini carbonara, crispy veal Parmesan and hearty layers of lasagna bolognese, is set to close in a matter of days. After 44 years serving the San Francisco community, owner Ramon Oropeza Sr. announced the closure on Villa … Read more