Will Smith film Emancipation pushed to 2023 by Apple in the wake of Slapgate

Apple is delaying the release of Will Smith’s next film, Emancipation, in the wake of his now infamous slapping of Chris Rock during the Oscars, it was revealed on Friday. Apple Original Films and Smith’s own Westbrook Studios is behind the upcoming drama which was expected to premiere this year, but sources say there is … Read more

Why a balanced diet is important

You may be wondering why a balanced diet is important. The simple answer is eating a healthy, balanced diet is a vital part of maintaining good health and helping you to feel your best. While some groups of people, such as athletes, may require additional support by way of the best protein powders to fuel … Read more

What is a recession, and how scared should we be?

Wall Street is on edge. Central banks are hiking interest rates to try to rein in inflation. And geopolitical upheaval is exacerbating supply chain headaches that began in 2020. “We will get a major recession,” Deutsche Bank economist warned last month, staking out the more bearish position on Wall Street. Bank of America, in the … Read more