Opinion: ‘Liquidation panic’ has taken over the stock, bond and crypto markets — and this may be the beginning of the end

The US stock market is experiencing a liquidation panic where everything is getting sold. The good news is such panics usually don’t last long. Analysis from Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges suggests a rare Inverse Zweig Breadth Thrust (ZBT). Although the sample size is small (n=10 since 1926), the bearish implications of the study are … Read more

Opinion: No tech sector appears safe from the spring swoon

Nvidia Corp., Nutanix Inc. and Snowflake Inc. all gave earnings forecasts that were below analysts’ expectations on Wednesday, the latest in a batch of tech companies across sectors to give warnings about changing macroeconomic conditions in the spring. Lowered forecasts have struck across tech sectors, from social-media company Snap Inc. SNAP, +4.59% to chip maker … Read more

Opinion: You can now use bitcoin to pay college tuition — but should you?

Coming soon? Nah, it’s already here: you can pay for college tuition with bitcoin. Bentley University, a small business-focused private university outside Boston, now lets undergrads pay with bitcoin, BTCUSD, -4.51% Ethereum ETHUSD, -5.08% and the USD stablecoin USDTUSD, -0.14%. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business accepts crypto for its $3,800 six-week Economics … Read more