Getting Paid For Home Bitcoin Miner Energy

Decentralization is the core ethos of Bitcoin. In this article, I will discuss the importance of keeping Bitcoin mining decentralized with widespread, small-scale mines. The future is competitive. Large Bitcoin mines have economies-of-scale advantages and are able to be set up in jurisdictions with the lowest power costs. While large-scale mines do play an important … Read more

How MEV Changes Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining revenue streams are historically very boring. Miners earn money from two sources: subsidies built into the protocol and fees for processing transactions. Sometimes a company will pay miners to put a special message in a block header. Sometimes cryptocurrency exchanges will negotiate fees with pools to reserve block space during times of high … Read more

Bitcoin Mining Can Prevent Climate Change

Daniel Batten is a climate tech investor, author, analyst and environmental campaigner who previously founded and led his own tech company. 2022 has changed everything that we in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) sector thought we knew about Bitcoin. We thought it was a net negative for the environment. We couldn’t have been more … Read more

Bitcoin Price Falls, Mining Rigs Sell

One reason why miners often pay close attention to bitcoin’s price is because mining machines have a strong positive correlation to its fluctuations. And as bitcoin’s dollar-denominated value has dropped precipitously this month, mining hardware prices followed. At its recent lows, bitcoin was trading near $17,000, a drop of over 60% year to date. Over … Read more

How Bitcoin Mining Is Perfect For Nigeria

This is an editorial opinion by Heritage Falodun, a software engineer and co-host of the “Bitcoin In Nigeria” podcast. The aim of this work is to give a brief, concise but insightful elucidation around the economic meltdown and environmental degradation in Nigeria, while also proposing Bitcoin mining through renewable energy sources as a solution to … Read more

Is Bitcoin Hash Rate Too High?

Miners provide the last line of defense for securing the Bitcoin network against brute-force attacks from malicious actors who might accumulate a majority of SHA-256 hash rate. The more hashing power is spent discovering new blocks for the longest Bitcoin chain, the more secure the funds on the trillion-dollar network will be. Despite a significantly … Read more

Texas Is The Bitcoin Mining Capital

By its nature, Bitcoin mining is energy intensive and encourages the use of cheap energy to turn a profit. Bitcoin miners have started to flock to Texas because of the current “goldilocks” situation for cryptocurrency mining created by three main factors: The state’s energy infrastructure allows for access to cheap power from its deregulated power … Read more

Are Miners Driving Bitcoin Price Down?

When the bitcoin price slips into a prolonged pointing downtrend as it has likely its record high set in late 2021, all types of investors start fingers at whomever seems the most culprit for the selloff. Are whales manipulating the market? Are paper-handed normies dumping their bags? Are Wall Street suits suppressing the price? Nothing … Read more

Solving Bitcoin Mining Noise Pollution

Bitcoin mining is loud. Anyone reading that sentence who has not visited an operational mining farm is probably imagining a loud restaurant or a running air-conditioning unit. But in this context, “loud” actually means an almost ungodly cacophony of spinning fan blades producing a noise level akin to a fighter jet. Mining gives new meaning … Read more

Oil Companies Partner With Bitcoin Miners

One of the world’s largest industries — oil and gas — is converging with magic internet money infrastructure, but bitcoin’s prolonged market selloff has taken some the shine off of these monumental partnerships. Some cryptocurrency traders are even facetiously asking if energy will be a new bullish narrative for Bitcoin, bringing wind to fill its … Read more