Opinion: ‘Liquidation panic’ has taken over the stock, bond and crypto markets — and this may be the beginning of the end

The US stock market is experiencing a liquidation panic where everything is getting sold. The good news is such panics usually don’t last long. Analysis from Rob Hanna of Quantifiable Edges suggests a rare Inverse Zweig Breadth Thrust (ZBT). Although the sample size is small (n=10 since 1926), the bearish implications of the study are … Read more

‘I missed the bus on Bitcoin, but now feel like my time has come. Is it time to go big or go home? I have another 25 years of a boring 9-to-5 job, and I just want out.’

Dear Quentin, I read a letter from a reader last year who was suffering from crypto FOMO, and I have been following the crypto markets ever since. I felt like I missed the bus on Bitcoin, but now feel like my time has come. Is it time to go big or go home? I have … Read more

Weekend reads: If you agree that inflation has peaked, buy stocks in this sector

If everyone agreed about the direction of the economy, investing would be easy. But there are mixed signals about whether the rate of inflation has peaked, at least in the US If you are among those who believe that inflation has peaked, Michael Brush recommends doing some bargain shopping for stocks in this sector. More … Read more

Companies that exited Russia after its invasion of Ukraine are being rewarded with outsize stock-market returns, Yale study finds — and those that stayed are not

The almost 1,000 companies that have opted to pull out of Russia following its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine are not just benefiting from a reputational boost. They are also being rewarded by financial markets, while those who remain behind are being punished. “We find that equity markets are actually rewarding companies for leaving Russia while … Read more

Small-cap growth stocks are at their lowest P/E valuation in at least 24 years.

Growth stocks typically trade at premium prices. But in this market, rising interest rates have turned small-cap growth stocks into a bargain group. This may be a beautiful setup for long-term investors. The following chart, provided by Alger Director of Market Strategy Bradford Neuman, underscores the opportunity: Alger, FactSet The chart shows the weighted forward … Read more

I received a $130,000 inheritance from my mother. My husband says it’s mine to spend. What should I do with it — and why do I feel so guilty?

Dear Quentin, My dilemma involves a small inheritance that I have recently received upon my mother’s passing. It’s about $130,000. I need advice about what to do with it. A little background: My husband has been very diligent about our retirement savings over the years, and although we might not be considered wealthy, we are … Read more

Exclusive: Fed’s Bostic says idea of ​​September pause is not tied to any looming market rescue

Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic, in an exclusive interview with MarketWatch, said his suggestion that the central bank take a September “pause” in its push to raise interest rates should not be constructed in any way as a “Fed put,” or belief that the central bank would come to the rescue of markets. In a … Read more

Opinion: No tech sector appears safe from the spring swoon

Nvidia Corp., Nutanix Inc. and Snowflake Inc. all gave earnings forecasts that were below analysts’ expectations on Wednesday, the latest in a batch of tech companies across sectors to give warnings about changing macroeconomic conditions in the spring. Lowered forecasts have struck across tech sectors, from social-media company Snap Inc. SNAP, +4.59% to chip maker … Read more

After 2 stormy years of ‘moonshot’ house prices, don’t hold out hope for a major correction. Why COVID-era property values ​​may be here to stay.

There is hope for first-time buyers looking to enter the US housing market, but observers say they will have to be patient. After a two-year surge in home prices during the COVID-19 pandemic, the market is finally showing signs of cooling — in terms of demand and sales, if not those persistently high housing prices … Read more

Dividend stocks have trounced the market this year. Here are 15 high-yield stocks expected to raise payouts the most through 2024

The stock market, shocked by the Federal Reserve’s policy changes to fight inflation, has been gored this year, with growth and technology companies bearing the brunt of the biggest declines. Dividend stocks, in contrast, have actually risen. Below is a screen of the components of the S&P 500 High Yield Index expected to raise their … Read more