No-fee trading has arrived for crypto. Here’s what that may mean for revenue at these companies

No-fee trading has arrived for crypto.  Here’s what that may mean for revenue at these companies

Zero-fee trading has come to the world of bitcoin, raising questions about how fee compression may affect revenues for crypto trading platforms. Last week, the US arm of the crypto exchange Binance, which had some of the lowest trading fees around, dropped fees for spot bitcoin trading. Shares of Coinbase, one of its main competitors … Read more

Here’s why a multi-million toy business is venturing into the metaverse

When Jackson Aw was introduced to blockchain technology in 2018, he “didn’t get it at all.” “Can someone dumb it down even further for me? Like, can you just tell me what I can get as a consumer?” That was four years ago. Today, Aw, seems to have the answer to that question. The 32-year-old … Read more

Binance is ‘in it for the long game’ when it comes to Europe and doesn’t fear the crypto crash

As crypto winter sends to chill down the markets, with the price of Bitcoin crashing below the key threshold of $20,000 (€19,000) and crypto exchanges laying off staff as fears of a recession bite, the world’s largest crypto exchange says it’s all déjà vu and is not concerned. “It’s an early industry and we’ve been … Read more

Why another stablecoin losing its peg is not ‘Terra 2.0’

Cryptocurrencies have been under immense pressure after the collapse of a so-called stablecoin called terraUSD. Umit Turhan Coskun | Nurphoto via Getty Images A controversial stablecoin launched just before the collapse of a similar token called terraUSD is struggling to maintain its peg to the US dollar. USDD, the so-called “algorithmic” stablecoin that’s meant to … Read more

Opinion: What Ben Bernanke and other bitcoin skeptics get wrong about crypto — even after this latest crash

Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, has been a vocal skeptic on bitcoin BTCUSD, -1.34%. It’s stated that the cryptocurrency has no underlying value and cannot act as a store of value, which renders it not credible as a currency. “If bitcoin were a substitute for fiat money, you could use bitcoin to … Read more

Is Bitcoin Trader App Legit? Shocking Canada Report

If one notices the trends in the cryptocurrency market, one can see that most of the people involved in storing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are now moving into those transactions. Interestingly, this trend has been visible since 2017. So, what led to this transformation? Open Your Bitcoin Trader Account Now From The Official Canada … Read more

Protecting your assets when using Bitcoin

NORFOLK, Va. – People are always looking for a way to make their money grow and cryptocurrency is getting more popular for investing. It’s most popularly known as Bitcoin, which is a digital payment system that doesn’t rely on banks to verify transactions. If you’re not careful, you can fall into trouble because as hard … Read more

Investors Coping With Cryptocurrency Plunge

NEW ORLEANS — “I’m in a cryptocurrency chat group at work,” software engineer Adam Hickey of San Diego, California told VOA. Over the last few days, Hickey said, members of the group have been writing things like, “Bloodbath” and, “Are we still good?” “It shook me, honestly,” he admitted. “I just had to stop looking … Read more

FTX, other crypto firms ditch sports deals as market collapses

Cryptocurrency companies poured billions of dollars into sports sponsorships in 2021 — but this year’s downturn has made the flood of cash dry up, The Post has learned. As the so-called “crypto winter” takes hold and companies look to trim costs, firms that splurged heavily on sports deals last year are now looking to cut … Read more