What the Fed’s biggest rate hike in decades means for the bear market in bonds

Historically bad. That’s how the $53 trillion US fixed-income market has performed this year as the Federal Reserve works to curtail high inflation threatening to wreck the economy. To turbo charge the effort, the Fed on Wednesday fired off its biggest benchmark interest rate increase in nearly thirty years. But what does that mean for … Read more

US inflation expected to keep running hot: Traders see 4 straight months of roughly 9% or higher CPI readings

Just a day after Federal Reserve policy makers delivered their biggest rate hike in 28 years, the US inflation outlook continues to look dire in one obscure part of the financial market. Traders of so-called fixings, or derivatives-like related instruments to Treasury inflation-protected securities, expect four straight months of annual headline consumer-price index readings at … Read more

Why stocks and bonds went into relief-rally mode after Fed’s jumbo rate hike

Financial Reserve markets suffered an absolute bloodbath in the days leading up to Wednesday’s Federal Reserve decision, with stocks plunging and bond yields soaring in the wake of surprisingly hot inflation data — a sign that investors feared a Volcker-esque reaction from Federal Chairman Jerome Powell and the rest of the Federal Open Market Committee. … Read more

In `fragile’ financial markets ahead of Fed’s decision, some traders and strategists see risk of instant recession

Financial markets are on precarious footing since last Friday’s surprise reading on accelerating US inflation for May — with Treasurys, stocks, credit and currencies all exhibiting friction or tension ahead of the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate decision on Wednesday. According to strategist Ben Emons and trader Tom di Galoma, the process of transmitting monetary policy through … Read more

Some homes in Provo, Utah, drew 50 offers at the peak of housing boom. Economists are now warning of ‘overvalued’ property markets.

Moving to Utah was a no-brainer for Leola Broussard. Broussard, who previously rented a home from a friend in the pricey Stanford–Palo Alto area south of San Francisco, where housing costs, she told MarketWatch, are “just totally outrageous.” Over the two years of the pandemic, many Americans, like Broussard, have flocked to Utah, seeking bigger … Read more

Strategist who nailed the recent S&P 500 top says three things are needed for a market bottom

Wariness is in order after the S&P 500’s bear-market finish and a potential 75 basis-point Fed hike just one day away. Gains for stock futures and a potential bounce are fading fast. Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson, who can count some wins after pounding the table this year over a gloomy stock setup, told clients on … Read more

Stagflation concerns mount: Americans are increasingly worried about red-hot inflation, jobs and their own deteriorating finances

Consumer inflation expectations are back at record highs, but people have no plans to slow their spending, according to a regional Federal Reserve bank survey released Monday. Households saw a 6.6% median inflation rate in the year ahead, setting a record high first set in March, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s … Read more

Tightening of financial conditions accelerates, recession fears grow as May CPI report becomes multi-day trading event

Financial markets convulsed on Monday as investors considered the prospects of US inflation accelerating, not decelerating, after the release of May’s consumer-price index report. Signs of the sentiment shift since Friday’s data release were evident in the fast-paced tightening of financial conditions, plus an outlook for more aggressive Federal Reserve rate hikes. Gains in the … Read more

The ‘best’ and ‘worst’ places in America for first-time home buyers

Angelenos, congratulations — you officially live in one of the worst metro areas for first-time home buyers, according to a new study by Bankrate.com. Out of the 50 largest metro areas studied, Los Angeles ranked 49th in affordability, 48th in employment factors, 30th in safety, and 39th in housing-market tightness, as the supply of homes … Read more

The S&P 500 is clinging to a key support level after Friday’s meltdown, here’s what happens if that fails

Last week’s shock US inflation number continues to tear through markets, with dip buyers seemingly in hiding. Hardest hit Nasdaq-100 futures are down 3%. Investors are now focused squarely on Wednesday’s Fed outcome, with expectations the central bank may need to do something bold, driving even more anxiety out there. The aftermath of Wall Street’s … Read more