What Is The Blockchain?

What Is The Blockchain?

Now famous for providing the engine for a variety of ‘hidden’ digital currency systems such as Bitcoin, blockchain (or Distributed Ledger Technology) describes a computerized process intended to make databases more egalitarian, transparent, and virtually tamper-proof. While this is an ideal outcome, arguments remain over whether the technology actually achieves its aims. What’s more, the … Read more

US refiners to urge Biden admin not to ban fuel exports

Top energy company executives will try to convince the White House Thursday not to ban fuel exports in a desperate bid to bring down eye-watering gasoline prices. The emergency meeting led by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm follows weeks of mudslinging between President Biden and oil companies over the cause of the intense price spikes affecting … Read more

This star hedge-fund manager says some major tech names are now value plays, as he shorts one meme-stock favorite

Stocks are on the rebound again, at least that’s the vibe from futures. That’s a day after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell confirmed to lawmakers, what markets already knew — that a soft economic landing might be tricky while taming the inflation beast. Along with average investors, hedge funds have had a rough start this … Read more

This dividend fund is down 3% vs. S&P’s 20% drop. Here are its top stock picks

By now even the most ardent tech and growth-stock enthusiasts realize the bull market is over. John Kornitzer’s approach to selecting high-quality stocks for the Buffalo Flexible Income Fund is one that has worked well during the bear market. High inflation, uncertainty in so many industries amid supply-chain issues and labor shortages, the Federal Reserve’s … Read more

Europe turns to coal as Russia squeezes gas supplies

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has warned that the situation is going to be “really tight in winter” without precautionary measures to prevent a supply shortage. Ina Fassbender | afp | Getty Images Reduced flows of Russian gas and the specter of a full supply disruption have prompted some European governments to reconsider coal, one … Read more

Russia declares gas war on EU – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing hardball with the European Union — cutting off gas deliveries to some of Russia’s best customers in a howl at the sanctions imposed after invading Ukraine. It’s putting enormous political pressure on governments, threatens to leave Europeans freezing if this winter is … Read more

What the Fed’s biggest rate hike in decades means for the bear market in bonds

Historically bad. That’s how the $53 trillion US fixed-income market has performed this year as the Federal Reserve works to curtail high inflation threatening to wreck the economy. To turbo charge the effort, the Fed on Wednesday fired off its biggest benchmark interest rate increase in nearly thirty years. But what does that mean for … Read more

Bitcoin price drops below $18,300 as sell-off accelerates

Bitcoin plunged to $18,248, and ether fell to $944 as of mid-afternoon on Saturday, as the sell-off in the crypto market accelerates. The world’s two most popular cryptocurrencies are down by more than 35% in the past week, as both breach symbolic price barriers. Carnage in the crypto market is partly to do with pressure … Read more

Why the $2 trillion crypto market crash won’t kill the economy

Francesco Carta Photographer | Moment | Getty Images Carnage in the crypto market won’t let up, as token prices plummet, companies lay off employees in waves, and some of the most popular names in the industry go belly up. The chaos has spooked investors, erasing more than $2 trillion in value in a matter of … Read more