Bitcoin Environmental Debate Is Wrong

This is an editorial opinion by Marie Poteriaieva, a Ukrainian-French crypto industry observer and educator, following the space since 2016. Bitcoin is routinely treated as an environmental pariah: its energy consumption is quite simple to track and quick-label as “anti-ecological.” This statement is wrong on many levels, but public opinion is rarely nuanced, and politicians … Read more

Is Bitcoin A Warning Sign For Global Deleveraging?

The below is a direct excerpt from Marty’s Bent Issue #1228: “Deleveraging bitcoin before the world de-levers.” Sign up for the newsletter here. The bitcoin market is in the process of going through a great deleveraging event. The process started last month when the Luna-Terra ponzi blew up spectacularly and was forced to liquidate approximately … Read more

Original Bitcoin Beach White Paper

This is an editorial opinion by Mike Peterson, a lifelong entrepreneur, philanthropist and author who is director of the Bitcoin Beach project. Three years ago I attended a meeting that changed the trajectory of my life. The meeting was with the advisor of an early Bitcoin adopter and philanthropist who wanted to see Bitcoin used … Read more

Academic Suppression Of Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an editorial opinion by Hannah Wolfman-Jones, author of “System Override: How Bitcoin, Blockchain, Free Speech, & Free Tech Can Change Everything” and founder of We The Web. Academics are not going to be early to Bitcoin; there are too many incentives baked into the university system pushing them to not be. These include … Read more

Support Responsible Understanding Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an editorial opinion by L0la L33tz, a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine. In an attempt to urge US lawmakers to increase regulation in the cryptocurrency industry in favor of protecting “public interest,” 26 expert technologists put forward a signed letter concerned with the use, security and privacy of “crypto-assets.” But, rather than pointing toward … Read more

Fiat Marriage High Time-Preference – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an editorial opinion by Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin developer, educator and entrepreneur and programmer with over 20 years of experience. Love has been debased. Love used to refer to the virtue present in lasting, intimate relationships. Love required sacrifice, discipline and patience. Classical writers referred to love as a virtue precisely because it’s … Read more

Response To Warren Buffett Bitcoin

This is an editorial opinion by Fangorn, a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine. There’s a lot to say in response to Warren Buffett’s recent Bitcoin critiques. It appears that Warren Buffett thinks bitcoin is worthless. He is wrong. Bitcoin is valuable because it represents the strongest form of property rights on a global level. Buying bitcoin … Read more

Evolution Of Bitcoin Pizza Day

This is an editorial opinion by Casey Carrillo, associate editor at Bitcoin Magazine. Bitcoiners have a certain penchant for taking things to the extreme. When it comes to privacy, I’ve never seen a group of people with a bigger vendetta against sharing information. If we’re talking about lifestyle, many Bitcoiners have entirely removed seed oils … Read more