Here’s what Goldman Sachs sees as the next big there-is-no-alternative-trade

The last trading day of May is being marked by weakness in stocks and surging crude prices, climbing after the EU hammered out a partial ban on Russian oil imports after that country’s invasion of Ukraine four months ago. That brings us to our call of the day from Goldman Sachs, who sees a budding … Read more

After 2 stormy years of ‘moonshot’ house prices, don’t hold out hope for a major correction. Why COVID-era property values ​​may be here to stay.

There is hope for first-time buyers looking to enter the US housing market, but observers say they will have to be patient. After a two-year surge in home prices during the COVID-19 pandemic, the market is finally showing signs of cooling — in terms of demand and sales, if not those persistently high housing prices … Read more

How Pizza Day Reports To Bitcoin Mining

Memes aside, what is the significance of Bitcoin Pizza Day? When Bitcoiners buy pizza on May 22 every year, what exactly are they celebrating? We all know the story and we’ve all story, probably two?” “Does Laszlo Hanyecz regret buying pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin in 2010 Hanyecz says no, he doesn’t regret it, but most … Read more

The Cryptocurrency Crash Is Great News For The Rest of The World. Here’s Why

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were meant to be used as digital cash. Instead, they’ve become popular as speculative investments. As well as being resource-intensive and inherently wasteful, cryptocurrencies are also incredibly volatile. Prices for the largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have both dropped by over 55 percent in six months, leading some to suggest that regulation … Read more

Seven Companies Mining Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides

As the Bitcoin network’s hashrate continues to grow, the dynamics of the mining industry and the types of participants are more diverse than ever. Of course, most bitcoin investors are familiar with self-mining, billion-dollar-market-value giants like Riot Blockchain, and rumors of historic partnerships between energy titans like ExxonMobil and off-grid bitcoin miners. But beyond these … Read more

Record Bitcoin Mining Despite Bear Market

Bitcoin may be in a bearish market, but the mining industry is growing bigger than ever. Bitcoin mining difficulty set a new record high for the sixth time this year on Tuesday, reaching 31.25 trillion, according to mining data from Brains. The 4.89% adjustment was the third-largest increase this year. Even though the leading cryptocurrency’s … Read more

A Global Energy Shortage Is Putting Bitcoin Under Pressure

It has been a difficult start to the year for crypto markets and, as prices have plunged, the industry’s energy consumption has come back into the spotlight. Crypto miners are racing to make digital currencies greener by using renewable energy sources to power operations, while others head to gas sites to use waste carbon for … Read more