Did corporate greed fuel inflation? It’s not biggest guilt

Did corporate greed fuel inflation?  It’s not biggest guilt

WASHINGTON – Furious about surging prices at the gasoline station and the supermarket, many consumers feel they know just where to cast blame: On greedy companies that relentlessly jack up prices and pocket the profits. Responding to that sentiment, the Democratic-led House of Representatives last month passed on a party-line vote — most Democrats for, … Read more

Debate over vacant seat on Baton Rouge’s alcohol board spurs calls for more diversity | news

The debate over a vacant seat on East Baton Rouge Parish’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has stirred a call for more diversity in the ranks of the parish’s various boards and commissions. The council appears deadlocked, along race and party lines, over who they’ll elect to finish out the unexpired term of a longtime board … Read more

How tech firms and users can protect privacy

SENSITIVE MATERIAL. THIS IMAGE MAY OFFEND OR DISTURB Abortion rights protesters participate in nationwide demonstrations following the leaked Supreme Court opinion suggesting the possibility of overturning the Roe v. Wade abortion rights decision, in New York City, US, May 14, 2022. Caitlin Ochs | Reuters The Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to roll back the … Read more

American Data Privacy & Protection Act Faces Congress’ Changes

Rep. Kelly Armstrong, a member of the House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, accompanies House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy outside for a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 27, 2021.photo: Associated Press (AP) House Republicans want to drastically change a federal privacy bill that Democrats in the Senate are also threatening to murder. … Read more

FDA bans Juul e-cigarettes as US cracks down on nicotine products

The Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that it will ban the sale of Juul e-cigarettes in the US The decision is part of the agency’s broader review of the vaping industry following years of pressure from politicians and public health groups to regulate the segment as strictly as other tobacco products after vaping became … Read more

Biden expected to back federal gas tax holiday as he ramps up criticism of oil industry amid soaring prices

After remarks on the authorization of Covid-19 vaccines for children under 5 years old, Biden was asked about a letter from the CEO of Chevron, which accused the President of seeking to vilify oil and gas producers as Americans struggle to fill their tanks and the White House faces increasing political pressure. Biden responded: “He’s … Read more

Elon Musk joins the growing chorus fearing a US recession. But there are stocks for that.

Look out above, the dip buyers are back in town. Stock futures are soaring — for now — as Wall Street returns from a long holiday weekend, with Fed Reserve Chair Jerome Powell testifying in front of Congress this week. The buying mood comes after the S&P 500’s worst week since March 2020, including its … Read more

5 things to know before the stock market opens Tuesday, June 21

Here are the most important news, trends and analysis that investors need to start their trading day: 1. Wall Street set to bounce after S&P 500’s worst seek since 2020 The sign for Wall Street is seen with US flags outside the New York Stock Exchange. Yuki Iwamura | afp | Getty Images Dow futures … Read more

Crypto investors’ hot streak ends as harsh ‘winter’ descends

NEW YORK (AP) — The wealth-generating hot streak for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has turned brutally cold. As plunges, companies collapse and skepticism soars, fortunes and jobs are disappearing overnight, and investors’ feverish speculation has been replaced by icy prices calculation, in what industry leaders are referring to as a “crypto winter.” It’s a dizzying … Read more

Why LGBTQ homebuyers say rising mortgage rates are hitting them hard

Skandar Mrad, shown here on vacation in Italy, is looking for a home in the Los Angeles area. When Skandar Mrad decided late last year to buy his first house, his top priority was location. Mrad, a gay man living in the Los Angeles area, has spent much of his adult life commuting several hours … Read more