Should the Fed start selling its mortgage holdings at a loss to fortify its inflation fight?

Yet a big question still facing investors, lenders and anyone trying to navigate the still-hot housing market is whether the Federal Reserve will start selling its trove of mortgage holdings to fortify its inflation fight. The central bank is so far trying to counter inflation by more traditional means: raising benchmark interest rates. No doubt, … Read more

The US cities where homes are most at risk from hurricanes and other storm damage

As the country enters hurricane season from June 1 to the end of November, homes in New York and Miami are at the highest risk for property damage, according to a report released Wednesday from housing-research firm CoreLogic. Overall, more than 33 million homes in America are at risk of suffering damage from hurricanes, according … Read more

The US housing market is teetering on recession. Will the economy soon follow?

The last time the housing market suffered a major meltdown in 2006, it took the entire US economy with it. But history never follows the exact same script twice. The weakening housing market is undoubtedly going to hurt the economy. Single-family home construction fell to a 1 million annual pace rate in May from a … Read more

‘The savings and income needed to qualify for a home loan have skyrocketed’: 5 ways the housing market left buyers in the dust — and it’s not over yet

The housing market is finally catching a breath after a two-year sprint. A new report breaks down as the frenzy unfolded. The report, called the ‘State of the Nation’s Housing 2022’ by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, reveals the steep rise in costs associated with owning, or renting a home, and how competition … Read more

I’m the COO of a mortgage company that’s funded more than $100 billion in loans. Here are the 3 things you need to know about the housing market now

Steve Reich Mortgage rates climbed above 6% last week, according to Bankrate data, with some pros saying they may go higher. (You can see the lowest mortgage rates you may qualify for here.) On top of that, home prices have risen more than 20% year-over-year, causing affordability challenges for many aspiring homebuyers. And it’s likely … Read more

Why LGBTQ homebuyers say rising mortgage rates are hitting them hard

Skandar Mrad, shown here on vacation in Italy, is looking for a home in the Los Angeles area. When Skandar Mrad decided late last year to buy his first house, his top priority was location. Mrad, a gay man living in the Los Angeles area, has spent much of his adult life commuting several hours … Read more

Google’s Sergey Brin bought Pink’s Malibu home before divorce

One year before they separated, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his estranged wife, Nicole Shanahan, quietly purchased a $13.5 million Malibu estate. The transaction took place on Sept. 17, 2020, six months into the coronavirus pandemic — and according to court papers, the two separated on Dec. 15, 2021. I officially filed for divorce a … Read more

When Baking and Real Estate Collide

Tartine, a world-renowned bakery and San Francisco institution, opened in 2002, on an unassuming corner of Guerrero Street, at the edge of the Mission District. The dot-com bubble had recently burst, and the city was in a period of transition. The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment had fallen from three thousand dollars a month … Read more

Millennial millionaires are delaying home, car purchases due to inflation

Millennial millionaires are temporarily shelving major purchases as interest rates and inflation rise, according to CNBC’s Millionaire Survey. Nearly half of millennial millionaires say higher borrowing costs are causing them to delay buying a car, and 44% say higher interest rates have caused them to delay purchasing a home, according to the survey. More than … Read more