Bitcoin company TDI eyeing off old lead and zinc Que River mine on Tasmania’s west coast

An old lead and zinc mine on the west coast of Tasmania could become home to what an Australian bitcoin miner is describing as “Australia’s largest emerging, 100 per cent renewable energy bitcoin mine”. Key points: A location like an abandoned mine provides enough space for the construction of a bitcoin facility Tasmania’s energy and … Read more

Can renewable energy help close power gap in India’s hot summer? | Business and Economy News

New Delhi, India — Temperatures soar beyond 40 degrees Celsius in Hasanganj village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the nearly 14-hour power cuts in the area mean that the bananas that Ramesh, a fruit vendor who goes by one name, sells are rotting faster than normal with no fans to keep them … Read more

US at High Risk of Power Emergencies This Summer

photo: Aaron M. Sprecher (AP) A chunk of the US, from California to Texas to the Midwest, is at risk of blackouts and unreliable power supply this summer as extreme heat and drought impact the electric grid, a major regulator said Wednesday. In an annual assessment of grid conditions, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation … Read more

Renault says electric-hydrogen concept will have 497-mile range

Details of Renault’s Scénic Vision concept car were presented to the public on May 19, 2022. The firm’s idea of ​​developing a passenger vehicle that uses hydrogen technology is not unique. Benjamin Girette | Bloomberg | Getty Images Renault has released details of an electric-hydrogen hybrid concept car, with the French automaker describing hydrogen technology … Read more

Tesla CEO Elon Musk dismisses hydrogen as tool for energy storage

Elon Musk has a history of expressing strong opinions about hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells. A few years ago, when the subject came up during discussion with reporters at the Automotive News World Congress, the electric vehicle magnate described hydrogen fuel cells as “extremely silly.” Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images Tesla CEO Elon … Read more

Bitcoin Will Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Watch The Whiteboard Video Here In this article, we are going to dive into Bitcoin’s impact on the environment. Since the rise of Bitcoin, the media has relentlessly attacked it based on its energy consumption. The popular argument comes from The Guardian, “A single bitcoin transaction uses the same amount of power that the average … Read more

Mining Bitcoin With Energy From Waste Tires

The Problem The wheel is often touted as one of the most important tools to have ever been invented. Furthermore, cars allow for travel across vast swaths of land and their commodification can’t be overstated. That being said, tires are an environmental nuisance. They don’t biodegrade and are difficult to properly dispose of. Worse yet, … Read more