Inflation contributions to rising cost of summer barbecues in 2022

What a wiener! A 2021 tweet sent by an unidentified White House staffer last July looks pretty ridiculous as the 2022 barbecue season heats up. “Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working,” read the unintentionally hilarious dispatch, illustrated with a cutesy GIF. “That’s something we can all relish.” The cause for celebration? The cost … Read more

Best Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe – How to Make Blueberry Cheesecake

Will Dickey Blueberry cheesecake is the perfect cool, fruity, make-ahead summer dessert. And though there are so many great ways to get blueberries in a cheesecake—from folding whole berries into the filling to swirling a compote into the top before baking, to making a pretty, purple batter with blueberry puree—we’ve kept it simple and followed … Read more

Best Blueberry Tart Recipe – How To Make Blueberry Tart

PHOTO: ANDREW BUI; FOOD STYLING: MAKINZE GORE Just hazarding a guess: When you present this blueberry dessert to your dinner guests, no one will believe it’s homemade. It’s stunning and totally bakery-worthy, thanks to the pretty brown butter crust and rings of fresh blueberries on top. Serve it to cap off an easy summer dinner … Read more

How to Make Snoop Dogg’s BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad Recipe

Linda Pugliese Working with Snoop is just as fun as you’d think. Watching him try a lychee (not a fan—”too much like an eyeball”) or his first homemade crouton (huge fan) was priceless. While I was helping on the set of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party—creeping in the background of their amazing friendship—he was … Read more

Best Chicken Fajita Marinade Recipe

PHOTO: ERIK BERNSTEIN; FOOD STYLING: ERIKA JOYCE Chicken fajita marinade is the best way to make delicious at-home fajitas. It transforms plain chicken breasts into juicy, flavorful strips that are perfect for folding into flour tortillas. What is fajita marinade made of? This chicken fajita marinade is made with oil, garlic, lime zest and juice, … Read more

Cleco, Entergy provide energy efficiency tips amid summer months

With heat advisories in effect for parts of Louisiana amid the hot summer months, energy companies are sharing some tips to help their customers reduce their energy consumption. cooling Set thermostat to 78 degrees or higher, if possible. Cleco recommends a smart thermostat because it will automatically adjust the temperature according to the scheduled temperature … Read more

California prepares for energy shortfalls in hot, dry summer

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California likely will have an energy shortfall equivalent to what it takes to power about 1.3 million homes when use is at its peak during the hot and dry summer months, state officials said Friday. Threats from drought, extreme heat and wildfires, plus supply chain and regulatory issues hampering the solar industry … Read more