401(k) plans may not last long enough in retirement

Elena Kurkutova | Istock | Getty Images Older Americans may have a number of different goals with their retirement savings. But usually their main goal is the same: to make it last. Unfortunately, many younger baby boomers and members of subsequent generations who don’t have access to a traditional pension could outlive the funds in … Read more

Millennial millionaires are delaying home, car purchases due to inflation

Millennial millionaires are temporarily shelving major purchases as interest rates and inflation rise, according to CNBC’s Millionaire Survey. Nearly half of millennial millionaires say higher borrowing costs are causing them to delay buying a car, and 44% say higher interest rates have caused them to delay purchasing a home, according to the survey. More than … Read more

Millionaire fear Fed can’t tame inflation and stave off recession

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, US, May 9, 2022. Brendan Mcdermid | Reuters American millionaires are raising cash in response to lingering inflation fears, according to CNBC’s Millionaire Survey. Millionaires surveyed by CNBC ranked inflation as the top risk to both the economy and … Read more

Travel costs are up but travelers aren’t canceling their plans yet

Summer travel talk sure isn’t what it used to be. Rather than sun, sand and surf, many travel discussions now center on inflation, rising fuel costs and flight cancellations, a situation which could derail a much-needed 2022 summer travel comeback. Travel conversations on Twitter decreased by 75% from April to May, while discussions related to … Read more

Crypto is first asset class ‘accessible to anyone’: blockchain educator

Cleve Mesidor. Tom Williams | Cq-roll Call, Inc. | Getty Images Cleve Mesidor was working in the Obama administration in 2013 when she first heard about bitcoin. From the beginning, the concept excited her. Within a few years, she’d leave politics and enter the cryptocurrency space with a mission to make the new financial world … Read more

Golf trips to top British courses are selling out this year and next

Travelers planning a golfing vacation to prestigious courses in the United Kingdom may need to act fast. Some of the UK’s top venues are selling out, not just this year, but for spots — or tee times — in 2023, due in part to growing confidence in international travel among wealthy Americans. Travelers are attracted … Read more

managing your financial life using digital coins

Many people have bought and sold cryptocurrencies as an investment, yet trying to live on a salary paid in crypto is tricky. Alyssa Howell spent much of her career in the gold-mining industry before joining a crypto-wallet company last fall that pays all of its employees in bitcoin. The Denver-area resident said learning the ins … Read more

Inside the $23.5 million house that may break local California record

The ocean views from the most expensive mansion to ever sell in Encinitas, CA. Ranch Photos A $23.5 million modern mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Southern California is set to officially hit the market on May 14, and in doing so become the most expensive home ever up for sale in the town of … Read more

Greenwich mansion for sale will take bitcoin cryptocurrency as payment

Main residence at 241 Bedford Rd in Greenwich, CT Anthony Accella / Modern Angles The Gold Coast of Connecticut soon might become the Crypto Coast if this real estate listing is any indication. The owner of a Greenwich estate is willing to accept cryptocurrency as payment for its $6.5 million asking price, in what an … Read more

Worried about a recession? Here’s how to prepare your portfolio

FG Trade | iStock | Getty Images More from FA Playbook: Here’s a look at other stories impacting the financial advisor business. “We all understand that markets go through cycles and recession is part of the cycle that we may be facing,” said certified financial planner Elliot Herman, partner at PRW Wealth Management in Quincy, … Read more