Binance is ‘in it for the long game’ when it comes to Europe and doesn’t fear the crypto crash

As crypto winter sends to chill down the markets, with the price of Bitcoin crashing below the key threshold of $20,000 (€19,000) and crypto exchanges laying off staff as fears of a recession bite, the world’s largest crypto exchange says it’s all déjà vu and is not concerned. “It’s an early industry and we’ve been … Read more

Blockchains Vulnerable to Centralized Control, DARPA Finds

photo: Dan Kitwood (Getty Images) researchers at the gonzo Pentagon research agency responsible for introducing the world to stealth bombers, insect-sized surveillance dronesand the internet itself have some reservations about the blockchain technology underpinning web3. The newly released report commissioned by the Defense Advanced Research Project (DARPA) titled “Are Blockchains Decentralized?” found key vulnerabilities potentially … Read more