The Boys Season 3: 5 Burning Questions We Have About Soldier Boy

Warning: this article contains spoilers for The Boys: Season 3, Episode 4! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out IGN’s review of “Glorious Five Year Plan.”

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The Boys: Season 3 has introduced a number of new superhuman characters, but none more important than Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy. This Captain America-esque hero finally makes his present-day debut in Episode 4, in a scene that hints he may be the one man in the world with the power to challenge the almighty Homelander.

Still, with Soldier Boy only appearing for one, brief scene and promptly vanishing, we have far more questions than answers about this new addition to the series. Let’s break down the biggest questions surrounding Soldier Boy and his impact on the show’s many ongoing story threads in Season 3.

What Were the Russians Doing to Soldier Boy?

Episode 4 shows Butcher leading his team in an assault on a Russian base, hoping to uncover the secret of a weapon codenamed “BCL Red.” Butcher believes this weapon is what killed Soldier Boy, making it the team’s best option for finally taking Homelander off the table.

However, it would seem BCL Red is Soldier Boy himself. Since his disappearance from him in 1984, Soldier Boy has become a test subject, with the apparent goal of boosting his already impressive powers to new heights. Already the Captain America analogue of this universe, Soldier Boy also seems to have a bit of the Winter Soldier woven into his back-story. He’s a former American icon transformed into a terrible instrument of destruction by Soviet scientists. Or you could make the comparison to Wolverine – an already accomplished killer who becomes even deadlier after Weapon X works its magic on him.

That’s what we can infer from the climax of Episode 4, anyway. We still don’t know exactly what the Russians were trying to accomplish. Is Soldier Boy meant to be their entry into a global superhuman arms race? Is he simply test fodder for a new generation of Russian superheroes to oppose the Seven? Or could he be a sleeper agent, intended to return home and unleash his deadly power at just the right moment?

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